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Kannada Android Calendar 2013

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Sanatan Almanac (Panchang) (Android Edition)

  • Sattvik pictures of Deities produced by Sanatan (Spiritual significance of these pictures is given ahead.)
  • Pictures of some renowned Deities - Banashankari Devi (Badami), Shrikrushna (Udupi), Shri Tirupati Balaji, Kukke Shri Subramanya Swami
  • Remembrance days of Sages, Saints, National heroes and revolutionaries. Specifics of festive days (Fairs, Religious festivals, Vowed religious observances and festival of Saints) all over Bharat.
Kannada Calendar 2013

Sanatan Almanac (Printed Edition)

  • Sanatan’s Sattvik pictures of Deities that purify the premises
  • (Spiritual significance of these pict-ures is given ahead.)
  • Pictures of renowned Deities
  • Spiritual significance of places of pilgrimage
  • Science underlying festivals, Holy festivals, Vowed religious observances and Religious rituals
  • Treasure of thoughts that help develop linguistic, cultural & national pride

'Sanatan Almanac' in 9 languages

1. Marathi
(Editions : Mumbai-Konkan, Western Maharashtra, Marathwada-Vidarbha)
2. Gujarati 6. Telugu
3. Hindi 7. Tamil
4. Kannada 8. Malayalam
5. Oriya 9. English

Spiritual significance of Sanatan’s sattvik pictures of Deities in Sanatan Almanac & benefits upon worshipping them

       More a picture or an Idol of a Deity resembles the original form of the Deity, more is the Principle of Deity attracted to it. This helps in early awakening of bhav of devotion in the worshipper. Similarly, since the extent of vibrations of the Deity are greater in such a form, the environment also becomes sattvik.

       The pictures of Deities published in this Almanac are made by seeker-artists of Sanatan Sanstha as their seva and according to the science of Spirituality under the guidance of H.H. Dr. Athavale (Founder of Sanatan Sanstha). They have appropriately studied the science of vibrations. Therefore, these pictures have become sattvik from the above perspective. The pictures of Deities made by Sanatan have attracted 27 to 29.3% of the respective Deity’s Principle. (Pictures or Idols available in the market normally contain only 1 to 2% of the Deity’s Principle.)

Benefits upon worshipping them :

1. Easy generation of bhav
2. Maximum benefit of Principles of Deities
3. Generation of sattvik environment

Many people have obtained the spiritual experience of sattvikta from these pictures.
For a printed copy of
'Sanatan Almanac 2013'
Sanatan Sanstha : 9322315317
Contact - 9342599299

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