Thursday, 1 November 2012

Balsanskar Android Application Ready for use !

This Android App that will deliver you the contents of nice website named This site has 4 languages - Marathi, English, Hindi and Kannada. Application targets English data.

Balsanskar Website

Aim of is :

Developing the personality of a child means bringing about its  inner development .  It does not merely mean  knowing virtues like honesty, punctuality, humility etc. in the child but also enhancing the existing ones. So great is our Bharatiya Sanskruti (culture) that  simply reading stories from it,  learning about its great statesmen, following the actions prescribed in its Scriptures with an attempt to imbibe those virtues, cause personality development in the true sense of the term. Read More...

How does this App look :

Click on any image to download app :Download App


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